29 years of Excellence.

Engaged in design of Process Equipment, Piping Engineering and Engineering Software Development since 1987.

Engineering Facility

Software Facility

Our In-house facilities include CAD/CAE work stations complete with a host of world classlatest Computer Aided Designing & Engineering software and facilities.

  1. 2 nos. CAEPipe, piping stress analysis software from SST (India) Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of SST USA,
  2. 1 nos. PIPESTRESS + 1 CPTOPS, piping analysis software from SST (India) Pvt. Ltd. authorized representatives of DST Computer Services, Switzerland.
  3. STAAD Pro (1 nos.) for structural analysis of plant structures from Bentley System Inc., USA
  4. CademPVD, an in-house software developed for mechanical design of equipment.
  5. The software covers various national & international design codes as mentioned here below:

    • Pressure vessel design as per ASME Sec.8 Div.1, 2010
    • Heat Exchanger Tubesheet Design as per ASME Sec. VIII Div.1, Subsection C, Part UHX
    • H.E.tubesheet& Expansion Bellows design as per TEMA, 2007.
    • Design of various kinds of equipment supports
    • Local Load Analysis of nozzles and supports as per WRC 107 and WRC 297
    • Pressure vessel design as per IS 2825, 69
    • Pressure vessel design as per PD 5500, 2005
    • Process Column design as per H.H.Bednar
    • Agitator shaft design, as per EEUA
    • Chimney design as per IS 6533.
    • Design of atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks as per API 650.
    • Design of low pressure storage tanks as per API 620.
  6. AutoPlant series of softwares consisting of Equipment Modeler (2 nos.), Structural Engineering (1 nos.), Piping Modeler (2 nos.), Isogen (2 nos.), etc. for structural modeling, 3 D modeling of piping systems, generation of fabrication isometrics etc. from Bentley System Inc., USA.
  7. NavisWorks Manager for plant piping clash detection and preparation of walkthroughs, plant views and plant movie clips.
  8. 6 nos. AutoCAD from AutoDeskInc., USA for preparation of equipment and tank fabrication drawings and detailing.
  9. 2 nos. Inventor Series 11 for 3 D Part Modeling and assembly software from AutoDesk Inc., USA.

Computer Facility

Our In-house facilities includes a host Dell Work station complete with printing and other facilities required to cater to the various engineering activities.


- CademPVD Latest Release