29 years of Excellence.

Engaged in design of Process Equipment, Piping Engineering and Engineering Software Development since 1987.


We are a team providing equipment, piping engineering and technical software development services for over two decades. We have utilized this experience and have developed the integrated software “CademPVD” for the Mechanical Design of Process Equipment.

We have put in more than two and half decades in the development of this software. Today, it is a well proven / tested & highly appreciated software. The previous version of our software was purchased by a number of reputed organizations and the calculations produced from the software have been approved by a number of TPI agencies. There are more than 110 users of the previous version of the software.

In an endeavor to reach the global market and to make the product more versatile, user friendly and also incorporate latest technological features provided by Microsoft Windows .NET technology, we embarked on the path of re-developing our new software product, “CademPVD”. The major features in this new software product are:

  1. Design of multiple equipment under multiple design conditions namely Operating, Design1, Design2, Start-up, Shut-down, Upset, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic etc. under both corroded and un-corroded conditions in one single mouse click.
  2. Design of Heat Exchanger Components as Part UHX of ASME Sec. VIII Div.1
  3. Incorporating multiple Wind and Seismic Codes.
  4. Automatic generation of Bill of material.
  5. Quick costing and detailed costing feature.
  6. Documenting all design reports to meet the requirements of TPA / TPI.
  7. Multiple equipment designing facility.
  8. Extending material properties database to cover over 3000 materials.
  9. Additional features for design as codes like EN13445, API 650, API 620 etc.

and many more features.
The software covers various national & international design codes as mentioned here below:

A free trial version of the software is available for download. You can download it by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button on the screen.


- CademPVD Latest Release