29 years of Excellence.

Engaged in design of Process Equipment, Piping Engineering and Engineering Software Development since 1987.

Design Facilities

  1. All components of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Reaction Vessels under both internal & external pressures.
  2. Agitator Shafts directly supported by gear box bearings or with intermediate bearing housing; with or without bottom bush support.
  3. All components of Columns & Chimneys under wind, seismic, deflection conditions, including their base plate and anchor bolt sizing.
  4. Built-in material properties database.
  5. Database of wind and seismic codes &information.
  6. Unmatched quality of design documentation with all relevant code clauses, formulae, formulae substitutions and intermediate results.
  7. Dynamic input and output in MKS, SI or FPS units.
  8. Metric and Inch plate/bolt sizes.
  9. Generates BOM and material-wise weights, which help in quick estimations.
  10. Generates quick cost estimate for the equipment.
  11. Generates detailed cost estimates for equipment.

Further, we would like to highlight the following facts:

Lastly, the software is available at a very reasonable price as compared to the cost of other reputed software.


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