Engineering Services

We are engaged in the design of Process Equipment, Piping Engineering and Engineering Software development since 1987.

We have extensive expertise and experience in mechanical design & engineering of various kinds of process plants equipment and piping systems.

Our work includes engineering of chemical, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, dairy & brewery plants.

We undertake design, detailing and preparation of fabrication drawings of various kinds of pressurized equipment for different applications as per design codes such as ASME Sec. VIII Div. I / II, TEMA, IS 2825 etc.

We undertake design and detailing of large storage tanks as per API 650, API 620, IS 803 etc.

Our services include design and drawing verification as per the above codes. We have extensive exposure to CCE and IBR code requirement.

We have good exposure to design of fired and unfired heaters and boilers. We have extensively worked with IBR code and its requirements.

We have wide experience in the field of detailed piping engineering of chemical, petrochemical, power, dairy & brewery plants. As a part of piping engineering, we undertake preparation of plot plans, equipment layouts for process plants, utilities, tankfarms, piping layouts, isometrics, piping stress analysis, bill of materials, statutory requirements like factory inspector, IBR, CCOE drawings; and valve, piping, special materials specifications, stress analysis etc.

We have expertise in 3-D modelling and generation of walkthrough of plants using AutoPlant, AutoCAD and Navisworks Manager.

We have gained experience and expertise in the design of cryogenic equipment and piping systems. Over the years, we have worked for a number of cryogenic applications and special purpose applications.

We develop utility generation, distribution P & IDs, and process P & ID development work.

We undertake design, analysis and preparation of fabrication drawings for structures related to plant structure, pipe racks, platforms, API storage tanks roof structures etc.

We undertake finite element & local load analysis work for special items that are not covered by design codes. We have capability and experience to handle following specialized applications:

  • Quick opening covers for pressurized equipment.
  • Design and analysis of rectangular chambers and door assemblies.
  • FEA of leg to Horton sphere shell junction.
  • OBE and SSE analysis of equipment.
  • Local load analysis of supports and nozzle.

We undertake and carry special training in ASME coded design of pressure vessels & heat exchangers. We have conducted a number of training courses in reputed computer institutes, engineering colleges and industries in the field of CAD/CAM applications and programming languages.

Our engineering strength extends to various fields of process industry, including engineering of Steam Generators and Steam Piping Systems. These areas include:

  1. Design and Engineering of Steam Generators.
  2. Engineering of steam and water piping layouts for Process & Power Boilers, Turbine generators and their accessories.
  3. Selection, sizing, designing and engineering of heat recovery boilers and heat saving systems including reheat systems.
  4. Sizing, Selection & Specification: MOC for Pipes & Fittings, Valves, Traps and other components, Special Components like Springs, Hangers, Bellows Expansion Loops.
  5. Providing appropriate supporting details.
  6. Preparation of shop and site IBR Isometric drawings showing relevant IBR welding details along with BOM.
  7. H.P. Steam piping stress analysis of critical pipe lines connecting to Boiler, Turbine and other accessories.