We are an organization engaged in the design of Process Equipment, Piping Engineering and Engineering Software Development since 1987. Our integrated software “CademPVD” is the most intelligent software for the Mechanical Design of Process Equipment.

The Important Features In This New Software Product Are:


1. Design of Multiple Equipment under Multiple Design Conditions namely Operating, Design1, Design2, Start-Up, Shut-Down, Upset, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic Etc. under both Corroded and Un-Corroded Conditions in one single mouse click.
2. Design of Heat Exchanger Components as per Part UHX of ASME Sec. VIII Div.1
3. Coverage of Design Codes such as EN13445, API 650, API 620 Etc.
4. Incorporating Multiple Wind and Seismic Codes.
5. Multiple Equipment Designing Facility.


6. Automatic Generation of Bill of Material.
7. Quick Costing and Detailed Costing Feature.
8. Documenting all Design Reports to Meet the Requirements of TPA / TPI.
9. Extending Material Properties Database to Cover Over 3000 Materials.

The Software Covers various National & International Design Codes as Mentioned here below:
  • Pressure Vessel Design As Per ASME Sec. VIII Div 1 (Latest Codes).
  • Design of Supports and Local Load Analysis (WRC-107, WRC-297).
  • Heat Exchanger Tubesheet & Bellows Design as per ASME Sec. VIII Div 1 (Latest Codes).
  • Heat Exchanger Tubesheet & Bellows Design as per TEMA (Latest Codes).
  • Other Heat Exchanger Requirements as per TEMA (Latest Codes).
  • Design of Storage Tanks as per API 650 and API 620.
  • Design of Floating Roof - Pontoon Type and Double Deck Floating Roof (DDFR).
  • Process Column Design as per H.H. Bednar.
  • Agitator Shaft Design, as per EEUA.
  • Chimney Mechanical Design as per IS6533.
  • Chimney Sizing (Evaluation of Diameter and Height).
  • Pipe Line Sizing for Flow and Pressure.
  • Agitator H.P. Calculation Module.